Rogue Galaxy features RGTWCompanion - a web based Tradewars asset management tool that also provides the ability to create shipyards and custom ships that are automatically delivered to you in game.

How Do You Get Started?

Steps for Joining and Playing at Rogue Galaxy1 - Join the Rogue Empires Tradewars game (currently game E) via telnet at: (port 2002).

2 - Once you create your game account and create or join a corporation, then come back to this website and try RGTWCompanion by clicking the link on this page (top right corner). Your Tradewars game account is automatically setup for you on RGTWCompanion, so use the same login name and password to access it.

3 - Join the Rogue Galaxy online community on this website. The online community does require a separate login from RGTWCompanion. The Tradewars game(s) will eventually be rebanged and game accounts will not be permanent. However, your online account will remain constant.

4 - An important thing to know is that Mountainous planets are the only planets with shortened build times. You need a level 4 planet to build your first shipyard, so get at least one Mountainous planet going quickly and you can have a level 4 planet within a week! Shipyard specs and prices can be found on RGTWCompanion or by clicking here. You need to place the required funds in the citadel of the level four planet that is going to be upgraded to a shipyard and place the order for construction using RGTWCompanion.

Custom Ships Designed by You

Ever wanted to tweak your ISS just a bit? RGTWCompanion helps you to better manage your in-game assets. The interface also allows you to construct a shipyard using a level four planet. Once your shipyard is built you can submit custom ship designs, which are then integrated into the game automatically. From that point on, you just need to buy a ship hulk, park it next to your shipyard, place the ship building order using RGTWCompanion and await completion.

Rogue Galaxy Community

A Corporation is Essential The building style games that are hosted at Rogue Galaxy do call for a strong corporation. To get the most out of playing here and to connect with other players, consider joining the Rogue Galaxy Community and make it one of your regular web browsing stops.

NOTE: The data displayed in RGTWCompanion is automatically refreshed every 30 minutes. If you notice something strange or see missing data, it is likely that you happened to load the page at the moment the data was being refreshed. Simply wait a few moments and refresh/reload the web page.